The Recession 2.0

Here we are folks, four years later. I actually looked back over some of my old posts and realized that I was in many ways a better writer while still in school. In other ways I was a bit long winded for blogging. Oh well.

I started this blog -light in content as it is- as a response to financial panic and economic decline. In the interim, there were years of “recovery” and an uneasy peace, but no more. Except with this decline/collapse comes social consequences such as heightened racial tensions and deepening ideological divide (hardcore xenophobia vs. hardline PC culture).  Such is the natural consequence of terminal decline, a la Rome. However, this is not another doomer blog. My intent is to build a network of economic mavericks and hustlers to share experiences, thoughts and solutions while working as a source of alternative content and media.

Welcome to Recession 2.0.



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