Some Excellent Links

First, some Daily Reading (which I will add to my Blogroll is always a favorite – alternative financial and economic news with an anti-establishment bent. Our focus here at Entrepreneurial Underground is on the decentralization of political, economic, financial, information and social systems, which is inherently anti-establishment. Read ZH daily! – this forum used to have one of the best forum post i’ve ever read – Bartering and Horse Trading. It was 26 pages of some of the most mind-expanding advice I’ve ever read. The premise to take basic skills of deal making and social networking to become a used goods trader … but it went FAR beyond that. Its ultimate premise was to realize that there are ALWAYS opportunities of every sort and that the key to success is to persevere and keep looking for good deals – of any sort. If I ever find a copy of it, I will be sure to post it. – Mish Shedlock’s economics blog with a focus on the recession and financial crisis. Very good reader discussion and very good coverage of the economic crisis all from your local government to Asia and Europe.

more to come


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