A Wake-Up Call

A new Pew Research Center poll shows that more than 2/3 of the nation distrusts the federal government, large corporations, banks and congress. Who do they trust the most?

According to the just-released study by the highly respected Pew Research Center, small business is the most trusted institution in America. More than churches. More than colleges. More than technology companies. And certainly more than labor unions or large corporations.

So why does the entrepreneurial class not have more power or influence in our society? They create jobs and represent the common man trying to make his way on the economic battlefield. But they have little time to try and win political influence because they are too busy working to overcome the deck stacked against them. Along with being the most trusted institution, small businessmen are also thought to be the group with the least attention given to them by the government.

But we’re neglected. When asked about which groups were getting too much or too little attention from the government, Americans felt small business was getting dealt the worst hand. Hey, elected officials, listen up! Small business is one of the few groups Americans want to get more government attention.

Of course, this will never change because labor unions are a much more surefire voting bloc and large corporations are a reliable campaign contribution. So it goes in the great Republic. This is a good reminder of our mission here at the Underground – to help reignite the animal spirits and provide a voice for entrepreneurship and inertia for an economic revolution. I am one of the last people to advocate lining up at the government trough, but I also believe government on every level has made it a much more difficult task to get a successful enterprise up and running. Action by inaction would be the best way governments could help us out. In fact, government and many of these other favored groups have interests quite contrary to that of the entrepreneur. For example, see Trash Collecting Entrepreneur Squashed in San Francisco from Mish’s Global Economic Analysis blog. The entrepreneur can perform tasks much more efficiently and at a much lower cost than the bloated public labor unions. But of course, political power is all that matters in the United we Fail Bailout States of America, and so of course the labor rackets will have their day to make sure they can get their lifetime pension benefits and bloated salary on the private sector’s tab.


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